Pecorino Fioretto

A Pecorino cheese made with sheep’s milk from Sardinian farms, it is particularly appreciated for its strongly aromatic flavour but without being salty. As in the production of Pecorino Sardo PDO, liquid calf rennet is added to pasteurized sheep’s milk. The curd is then broken up and it is distributed into special cylindrical moulds.

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Pecorino Fioretto

The cheeses are dry-salted and lastly left to age for a period of not less than 6 months. The production of Pecorino Fioretto is seasonal, from December to June, the period of the year when there is the greatest production of sheep’s milk in Sardinia.

It is a cheese with strong and well defined characteristics; the rind is smooth, thin and tends towards brown, the paste is a straw yellow colour with a grainy texture and aroma of plants and flowers.

Pecorino Fioretto is ideal as a table cheese, served with excellent red wines but it is above all an ingredient in the traditional Sardinian cuisine which is varied and particularly rich in flavours. It is part of the Mediterranean Diet, a nutritional model proclaimed by the UNESCO in 2010 part of the oral and immaterial heritage of Humanity.