Vivaldi cheese

VIVALDI was founded in 2009 from the experience spanning over thirty years in the dairy and cheese sector of Nicola Arnoldi. Born and brought up in a family of cheese ripeners in Taleggio, a small village in the valley of the same name, Val Taleggio (Bergamo), he moved to Valsassina in 1989. For twenty years he was the sales director of a leading dairy firm here, considerably developing its presence on the export market.

Thanks to his extensive travel in Europe, America and Asia, Nicola realized the great extent to which foreign consumers know and appreciate Italian food and how their requirements are becoming increasingly demanding. This led to his decision to start a new commercial structure, VIVALDI, aimed at pairing the demands of the global market with the supply of Italian traditional cheese.

Italy occupies a leading position in the world dairy and cheese sector; the excellence of its products is translated into a very wide variety of cheeses, 42 of which have obtained the recognition of Protected Designation of Origin from the European Community (PDO). In these cases, they are cheeses made, ripened and packaged in specific areas, according to clearly defined criteria and with specific characteristics that allow the consumer to recognize their authenticity; each one has a Consortium that ensures respect of the conditions and requisites laid down by the law. In the majority of cases, the cheeses are made in family-run dairies, thus linking their sale to the area of production. Thanks to VIVALDI, these producers can now reach new international markets.


In the past ten years, the value of Italian cheese exports has doubled, reaching record figures. Increasing numbers of foreign importers are interested in the wide range of Italian cheeses and their exceptional flavours and aromas. This is where VIVALDI comes in, identifying and selecting possible suppliers of Italian cheeses for importers and large foreign chains of distribution. It handles the orders directly, ensuring that the labelling and certifications required by the various legislations around the world are respected; it pays special attention to the shipment and delivery of the goods, guaranteeing rapid supplies and maximum quality in the service.