A particularly aromatic raw paste cheese, made and aged exclusively in the Bergamo area of the Val Taleggio. “Giotto” is characterized by a structure which puts it between the paste of the Salva Cremasco PDO and that of Castelmagno PDO;

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Autunno – it is cylindrical in shape with a diameter of 12 and a side of 15 cm and weighs about 1.5 Kg. Only whole cow’s milk is used to make it, to which rennet and milk enzymes are added. The coagulated mass is then broken up, distributed in the special cylindrical moulds, salted and transferred to very damp places at a temperature of +6°/+8° C, suitable for its ageing. During this last phase of about 120 days, the moulds are turned over several times and brushed when dry or treated with a cloth soaked in a saline solution, in order to keep the typical characteristics of the rind.

This cheese has a white paste with a compact and crumbly consistency, a characteristic flavour and aromatic smell; the rind is thin, with the presence of microflora and is often a mouldy brick red in colour.