Provolone Mandarone Piccante

It’s a typical product of the traditional italian diary, it’s a semi-hard kneaded-curd, matured cheese, made from cow’s milk.

Provolone mandarone’s typical shape comes from the Campania region, from which it has its origins. It’s produced respecting the ancient tradition by using only strong flavour curd (lamb and kid).

The cheese mass is carefully streched into strands by hand, by experienced operators. It’s slightly puffy and soft, due to its typical aroma and its strong spiciness it’s a product for connoisseurs.




Provolone Mandarone Piccante

Provolone Mandarone Piccante – Semi-hard cheese with spun paste, produced with whole cow’s milk, with natural fermentation acidity which can undergo thermal treatment for the sweet type to the maximum degree of pasteurization and for the spicy type the thermal treatment of the thermization.
It is obtained through the following stages: milk processing, pasta maturation, spinning, forming, salting, seasoning.
It has a spherical shape treated on the surface with anti-mold coating.
The paste may have a very light eye typical of provolone, the color is slightly white / straw.