Mascarpone Gorgonzola

A cheese speciality created to meet the requirements of the most demanding consumers, it consists of a soft and creamy paste where layers of Mild Gorgonzola PDO alternate with layers of Mascarpone; in general, there is more of the latter, representing about 60% of the final product. 

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Mascarpone Gorgonzola

Gorgonzola Mascarpone is particularly valued for its ability to display in a single product. The harmony between the distinctive taste of Gorgonzola and the delicate taste of Mascarpone. Mainly consumed as table cheese, it is mainly used by foreign chefs to prepare gorgonzola sauces that go well with meat and many other dishes.

Mascarpone & Gorgonzola need a full-bodied and full-bodied red wine. But it was also adapted with sweet white or rosé wines and for the spicy type. Also with dessert wine or Marsala or Porto Virgin liqueur. A classic culinary combination, especially in the province of Bergamo and the province of Brescia. Represented by polenta and gorgonzola. must match Muscat Scanzo. (Red wine from Moscato, made in the town of the same name, Scanzorosciate in the province of Bergamo). However, nothing prevents you from enjoying the classic thick slice of bread with Gorgonzola cheese, perhaps with a few slices of salami and a large glass of Lambrusco di Sorbara.

To optimally preserve the blue cheese, simply remove the shell, wrap the slice in aluminum foil and put it in a food storage container. For larger quantities, however, cut into thin slices and always wrap in aluminum foil, store in the freezer, thaw again and again to use up the slice in a short time.