Pecorini Primosale

 Cheeses with a hard semi-cooked paste, obtained from whole sheep’s milk and with an ageing period of not more than 15 days. The production consists of adding milk enzymes and sheep rennet in paste to pasteurized sheep’s milk and cooled to +37°/+40° C. This promotes milk coagulation and formation of the curd. The latter is then broken up and placed in cylindrical baskets, pressed manually and sprayed with whey at 85° C. After recooking, the baskets are left to rest and turned to help drain the remaining whey. According to the type of Pecorino desired, different types of filling are added to the paste when it is placed into baskets. The resulting cheeses are then dry-salted and left to age for a couple of weeks.
These are cheeses with a soft and compact paste, at times with slight holes and with a natural, fine and rough rind. The flavour is typical for each type and derives directly from the sensory characteristics of what has been added to the cheese.


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Pecorini Primosale

PECORINI  PRIMOSALE BIANCO is the natural version where no filling is added. It is fresh and slightly salty to the palate, perfect for salads.

PECORINO  PEPATO black peppercorns are added, which give a spicy flavour to the cheese. The addition of pepper is very common in all of southern Italy.

PECORINO  PEPERONCINO pieces of red hot chili peppers are added to the curd before the shaping phase. It gives the cheese a spicy flavour.

PECORINO RUCOLA fresh rocket leaves are added to the curd, which give a fresh and slightly bitter flavour, typical of rocket salad.

PECORINO POMODORO SECCO the curd is filled with dried red chopped tomatoes, giving the cheese an original flavour.

PECORINO  NOCI the cheese is filled with ground walnut kernels. The result is very special with a contrast between the cheese’s tender melting heart and the hard, tasty flavour of walnuts.

PECORINO  PISTACCHIO ground, dried and salted pistachios are added to the curd creating a totally unique flavour combination.

PECORINO RUCOLA E PISTACCHIO this cheese is filled with fresh rocket and ground, dried pistachios. It is the only kind that combines the bitterness of rocket with the saltiness of pistachios.

PECORINO ZAFFERANO  saffron and black peppercorns are added to the curd, resulting in a cheese with a natural saffron colour that blends with the spicy flavour of pepper.

PECORINO  OLIVE this cheese is filled with pitted green olives which are then filled with hot chili peppers. The combination gives the cheese a mouthwatering and original flavour.